Get Ready For Fresh Air... Down There!

One serving goes to work quickly to neutralize the odor of your dog's gas, and the odor-busting effects last up to 12 hours! (That's a lot of odor-free time with your furry fried!)

  • Kaleo - Jan 23, 2023

    This works wonders for my boxer and he also has no issues with taking them alone! My house smells fresh just the way I like it!

  • Kim - Nov 14, 2022

    Car rides have been a lot more enjoyable with Paw-Pourri! Our Boxer's farts were the absolute worst and car rides were always a gamble. Now if we know we're going somewhere I always give him some before we go and we haven't had a nasty car fart yet!

  • Lauren - Aug 29, 2022

    Our dog's smelly gas was always a joke around our house and the kids loved to blame their farts on the dog, but now that we've been giving her Paw-Pourri her gas isn't nearly as bad as it was and the kids are upset they can't blame it on the dog anymore! ha