About Us

Paw-Pourri: Make your dog's farts not stink!
Paw-Pourri was developed with your dog's health and wellbeing being the driving factor is all we do. All of our ingredients are all-natural, safe, and vet recommended for your furry friend. We're dog lovers through and through and you can trust that we put that love and care in every bag of Paw-Pourri!
Paw-Pourri is a sister product to our first supplement Sneak a Squeak (which is a supplement for us humans that makes our gas not stink). We found that people were giving Sneak a Squeak to their dog's to help with the gas, and it worked great! However, being a capsule with powder ingredients could get messy, especially with smaller dogs who weren't able to swallow it in one gulp. We wanted to provide an easier way for our customers to make their dog's gas odorless, so we took our ingredients from Sneak a Squeak and baked them into a dog-friendly, peanut butter flavored chew and called it Paw-Pourri: The Original Canine Tootralizer! (Toot + Neutralizer = Tootralizer)
We've been making dog toots odorless since 2021 and it has been our fastest growing product since our launch! We've loved hearing feedback from customers about how much they appreciate not having to worry about getting a surprise slap in the face by their dog's smelly gas.